I'm Dahlia,

and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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7 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Dahlia is a beautiful blue Greyhound girl who finally left Greyhound racing Kennels at seven years old. Dahlia is one of those lucky ladies that grow more beautiful with age, we would actually challenge anyone not to be able to pick her out as one of the older dogs in Hector’s Kennels.

Dahlia would in fact be a little put out if she knew we were discussing her age. She would also be a little affronted to know we call her a busy body, but that is exactly what she is! 
Dahlia likes to explore and examine everything, if we are honest we will admit she also takes things, we are sure she’s not really a thief she just needs to remove some things for closer inspection so she can see exactly how they work. 

Dahlia is a fabulous character, somehow she has already gained some knowledge of the world outside racing kennels and she has made it her mission to quickly get up to speed with the worldly things she hasn’t encountered before, none of which appears to phase her. 
Dahlia is not cat safe, she would be happy living as an only dog or living alongside other male or female Greyhounds, she would probably appreciate visiting Grandchildren rather than living with children. 

In a pre COVID world, Dahlia's ideal home would have been somewhere she would start the day with having a morning walk to get a newspaper before sharing breakfast with her forever person, having an afternoon walk where there would be plenty of people to stop and admire her before having a snooze ready for an evening stroll to the local pub where we have no doubt she would be on first names with the landlord and quickly secured herself a job helping to clear dishes. 

Dahlia is so deserving of a wonderful forever home and will quickly become a very cherished hound. If you can offer this gorgeous girl a home please contact us.