I'm Cindy, and I'm looking forward to my new forever home.

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1 year
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Cat safe
Cat workable

Cindy is a pretty, dark brindle girl who recently travelled from Ireland to Hector’s. She is very young and only had her first birthday in November 2020.

Cindy was bred and destined for a life of Greyhound racing, but her racing career never started as she refused to race, she knew her true destiny was always to be a pet. 

Cindy is a sweet little girl but does appear to know her own mind. She is very intelligent but has a surprisingly stubborn disposition for one so young. We suspect that rather than being too sweet or gentle for the race track, the real truth may be that Cindy didn’t want to race, and no amount of persuasion could change her mind. 

Cindy is a confident, happy girl, she walks well on a lead, travels well in a car and seems to be well socialised outside of a kennel environment. Cindy has been living in a Hector’s foster home and has been behaving very well, considering she is little more than a puppy; she took all the family Christmas festivities in her stride. 

Cindy, because of her young age, will enjoy a more active lifestyle than your average retired greyhound, she would enjoy a home where someone is around for much of the day.

Despite her young age, Cindy knows precisely what she wants in life - this is to be a spoilt princess with as much love and as many material things that she can get all to herself!

Cindy, we believe will be best suited to live as an only dog so she won’t have to share with anyone her much sought after wealth. Thus, she is also looking for a home without small children as Cindy would like to be the centre of attention without any competition. 

Despite her size, Cindy is still really a puppy. She will undoubtedly behave like one when she feels comfortable in her new home and will probably get up to mischief although she does appear calmer and more sensible than your average Greyhound puppy. 

Cindy is young enough to adapt to most lifestyles, she is good around small and other dog breeds, and she is cat workable. 

This gorgeous little girl is going to make a fabulous pet. She will respond to further training and firm but kind guidance to distract from her stubborn nature. 

If you can offer Cindy a home, please contact us.