I'm Catch,

and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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6 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Catch is a six year old Greyhound girl who has retired from Greyhound racing and then used for breeding. Catch is a steady, gentle affectionate girl with the added bonus of the wisdom that comes with an older Greyhound and the kindness and patience that comes from having been a mum.

Black Greyhound girls are sadly often overlooked, however anyone who has owned a little black Greyhound girl will know how wonderful they are. When they find their forever home the black girls are the loyalist of Greyhounds, and when they are loved they develop a new found beauty that shines from within. They often have quirky fun loving characters and Catch is certainly no exception to this, she will make a great companion.

Catch is more than ready to move into her forever home, she will be happy living as an  only dog or living alongside side other dogs, Catch is not cat safe.

If you can give this gorgeous girl a forever home please contact us