I'm Captain, and I'm looking forward to my new forever home.

Captain is reserved
2 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Captain is a very handsome two-year-old Greyhound who has already completed his career as a racing Greyhound in Ireland.

Captain has a charisma that would typically belong to a much older dog. At two years old, he is already a stunningly handsome dog and stands with poise and pride; he will undoubtedly be a real head turner and indeed shouldn’t be adopted by anyone who doesn’t want to be stopped on walks for him to be admired.

Because of the cartoon character, Captain had been christened by Hayley’s five-year-old daughter, who he adores, as Captain Underpants! He is one dog we will certainly anyways remember as Captain Underpants.

Due to his young age, Captain is bound to revisit his puppyhood, and when confident in his forever home, he will undoubtedly have a few delinquent mad moments. Still, he does appear to be a very intelligent Greyhound and behaves with maturity beyond his age.

Captain will have more energy than your average retired Greyhound and will enjoy more exercise and a busier lifestyle with someone home for much of the day.
Captain can live as an only dog or alongside other dogs; he is not cat safe.

Captain has many years of love to give and can only grow more handsome with age.

If you can give this gorgeous young dog a forever home, please contact us.