I'm Buddy, a rescue greyhound and I want to be adopted.

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5 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Buddy is a big, gorgeous five year old Greyhound. The first thing you notice about Buddy is his amazing ears over which he doesn’t seem to have control. They adopt some really interesting positions and before you realise it you have wasted five minutes observing and being fascinated by a Greyhounds ears ! 

Buddy is an affectionate, loving Greyhound and from the outside looks like a robust normal hound, but Buddy has a very sensitive soul and is often quite nervous in new situations; he likes routine and a quiet life without any surprises. 

Buddy is living in a Hector’s foster home and is unbothered by the variety of Greyhounds that sometimes come to stay, he’s quite happy as long as he still has a bed to sleep in ! Buddy walks well on the lead, he’s house trained and is used to being left for part of the day while his foster mum is at work. 

Buddy has discovered how to play since his retirement from Greyhound racing and loves to play with toys. He gets a little bit over enthusiastic when playing with squeaky toys until unfortunately there is nothing left to play with, he then looks totally bewildered, sad and disappointed at the toys inability to continue to play with him 🤣

Buddy is not cat or small furries safe. He would be happy as an only dog or would love another dog for company. He is looking for a quiet home with a simple routine so he doesn’t have anything to worry about. Buddy’s foster mum has fostered many dogs for Hector’s and although we are not supposed to have favourites, we know this special  boy has stolen a little piece of her heart. 

If you can offer this gorgeous boy a forever home please contact us

Ask us about Buddy