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Brian is just two years old, he is a beautiful Lurcher who sadly is continuing to pay for his poor start in life, one that he most certainly did not deserve. Brian as you can see from his photos has some Staffie in his breeding, he is a very handsome dog with a beautiful, eye catching colouring.

Brian came to Hector’s after he had been abandoned as a puppy with a very badly broken leg, it was clear wherever he had lived before he had not had the best start in life. Brian underwent very complex orthopaedic surgery to repair and indeed save his badly injured leg. Sadly the enforced rest needed to recuperate from this surgery for an already unsocialised puppy has led to him being reactive to some dogs. Simply put this means that despite his aggressive stance sometimes when out in public meeting dogs and new situations Brian is actually very fearful and reacts in the only way he knows to protect himself because he is so very afraid. 

Brian has lived in a family home and is house trained and a gentle, loving wonderful dog, in fact he is a real cuddle monster ! Brian is a very clever boy and responds to basic commands like sit and stay, he also loves to play with his toys and is never happier than when someone throws a ball for him to retrieve. 

Brian finds it difficult to understand the dynamics of living in a home with other dogs and can get jealous. For this reason he needs to live in a home as an only, much loved dog. Brian has only ever been completely and utterly loving and affectionate with people and children that he has met. Although Brain clearly loves children, due to the fact he has been aggressive to other dogs in the past we are asking that he lives in a child free home.  

Brian has lived in several long term foster homes and is housetrained, he has behaved perfectly in a home environment and is happy to spend some time left on his own. Brian is currently living in Hector’s Kennels near Aberystwyth, although he doesn’t share his kennel with a Greyhound he has happily integrated with them. 

Brian is looking for a home with an experienced owner, someone who will be consistent so that Brian can clearly understands the rules and can have the stability of boundaries that are firm and do not change which he finds confusing. 

Brian needs to live with an owner who is prepared to continue to help Brian learn to socialise, someone that Brian can respect and love and who is unwavering in their role as his owner and master, Brian can then be relieved of all his perceived worries and responsibilities and can start to enjoy being the fun, loving dog that he was destined to be. 

Brian has a fused wrist which has now completely healed, Hector’s will accept financial responsibility for any treatment or surgery that may arise with this injury in the future,. Brian recently had a final check X Ray on his leg which confirmed it has healed well. 

You really need to meet Brian in person to see why he is so deserving of a wonderful home. Brian has been very much loved in his foster homes and is also a firm favourite in the Kennels. 

Brian is not a bad dog. He is simply reactive to some dogs and it is his size, strength and the fact that he wears a muzzle which makes it look bad and puts people off. ☹️  Brian needs an owner who will continue his training and socialisation and is prepared to walk Brian in his muzzle, Brian doesn’t mind this and wears it happily if it means he is going for a walk. 

Adopt Brian, continue to work with him and you will be rewarded with the love of a loyal wonderful dog. If you are interested in meeting Brian please contact us.