I'm Brian, a rescue lurcher and I want to be adopted.

2 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Brian is around two years old. He is a beautiful Lurcher who sadly is continuing to pay for his poor start in life one that he most certainly did not deserve. Please do not stop reading until you come to the end of Brian’s story, he is so deserving of another couple of minutes of your time. 

Brian came to Hector’s after he was abandoned as a puppy with a very badly broken leg, it was clear wherever he had lived before he had not had the best start in life. Brian underwent very complex orthopaedic surgery to repair and indeed save his badly injured leg. Sadly the enforced rest needed to recuperate from this surgery for an already unsocialised puppy has led to a severely reactive dog. Simply put this means that despite his aggressive stance when out in public meeting dogs and new situations Brian is actually very fearful and reacts in the only way he knows to protect himself because he is so very afraid. 

Brian has lived in a family home and is house trained and a really gentle, loving wonderful pet. However, due to having missed out on vital early socialisation, possibly being removed too early from his mother or not socialised as a puppy, Brian is not completely trustworthy with other dogs in a household so needs to live as an only much-loved dog. Brian has only ever been completely and utterly loving and affectionate with people and children that he has met, but due to his history, we are also asking that he lives in a child free home.  

Brian is currently in a kennel place in Shrewsbury where a dog behaviourist has been working with him and he had been making huge progress with his behaviour while out walking in public, we would expect anyone wanting to adopt Brian to meet with her and learn about the excellent work she had done with Brian. 

Brian has a fused wrist which has now completely healed, Hector’s will accept financial responsibility for any treatment or surgery that may arise with his injured leg in the future. However except for the possible need for the removal of the metal work which secured the fracture while it healed (which would be a relatively simple procedure)  we are optimistic that he will not need any further surgery. We would, however, require for us to remain responsible, that if any future treatment was needed that it would be carried out at the Veterinary practice in Oswestry, Shropshire that repaired his leg. 

Thank you for reading through to the end of Brian’s story.

So why would anyone want to adopt Brian ? - 

Because you really need to meet Brian in person to see why he is so deserving of a wonderful home. Brian has been, despite his behaviour at times very much loved in his foster homes and is also a firm favourite in the Kennels. Brian is not bad, Brian is an unsocialised adolescent dog he needs an experienced dog owner to continue his training and socialisation, be prepared to walk him in a muzzle ( Brian doesn’t mind ) and above all to provide the love he so clearly craves, but keep the boundaries that Brian needs so he feels secure. Adopt Brian, continue to work with him and you will be rewarded with the love of a loyal dog that money could never buy. 

If you are interested in meeting Brian please contact us.