I'm Bobby,

and I'm looking forward to my new forever home.

Bobby is reserved
4 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Bobby is an Irish Greyhound who is four years old, and he is one of the sweetest, gentlest Greyhounds you could hope to meet.

The photos of Bobby don’t do him justice as he is a nervous boy; he is so eager to please that he tries to cuddle rather than pose for the camera. His worried little eyes looking at us make us put the camera down and cuddle him, so the poor photos are all our fault. Trust us he is a beautiful black boy with white ticking through his coat.

Bobby’s loving and trusting cuddles from one so nervous do bring a tear to your eye; he is just so gentle and loving. This precious boy is a real treasure and so deserving of a loving home.

Bobby will undoubtedly blossom in a loving home, and his real character will come out, but we have no doubt his character will stay true to what we have seen, he is a kind, gentle boy who will love unconditionally.

Bobby isn’t cat safe; he can live as an only dog but will probably find the transition to becoming a family pet easier if he was living with another Greyhound able to show him the ropes.

If you have time to spend receiving the best and most genuine cuddles and can help Bobby learn he is safe and nobody will hurt him, please contact us.