I'm Bing,

a rescue greyhound and I want to be adopted.

3 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe
Bing was born in Ireland and was three years old on 1st October. 
Bing has recently retired from Greyhound racing after a very short, unsuccessful career. Bing we suspect had no interest in racing because his true passion lies with cuddling ! Yes you have read this correctly, Bing is a real cuddle champion, he gives the biggest, gentlest cuddles ever. 
Bing is a very handsome black Greyhound with a gentle covering of white snowflakes through his coat with a thicker covering on the back of his ears.
Bing is a lively, mischievous and bouncy fun loving boy who needs some socialisation into the world outside of a racing kennel. He would be most suited to an experienced Greyhound owner who would help him make the transition to become a much love family pet. Bing would happily like living with a female dog. He is not cat safe.
If you enjoy a really good cuddle and can make this crooners dreams of a forever home come true please contact us