I'm Benji, and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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10 months
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Benji is a ten month old Saluki Cross who is a gorgeous bundle of fun. Sadly Benji is yet another victim of puppies being brought for their cute appearance without any research into the breed. Benji is only 10 months old and has already had two homes. Please research the Saluki breed before you offer Benji a home, his next home must be a forever home.

Saluki puppies are not for the faint hearted, if you don’t have a faint heart please read on, your heart will be completely filled with love if you adopt Benji. 

Saluki puppies can be completely bonkers 😱 and Benji is no exception, the bonkers puppyhood phase usually calms down when they are around five years old! 

You will need a sense of humour and a clever mind to stay one step ahead of Benji, if you are not prepared (or don't find it funny )when putting your shoes on to do a lap around the garden to retrieve your second shoe then Benji is not the dog for you. 

Benji needs an active home with plenty of exercise and a toy box full of toys, bored puppies become destructive, Benji has energy to burn and needs an owner who understands this. Benji would love to have older children to play with, he would like nothing better than a good game of football as long as the child was prepared to learn Saluki rules football (this is a very energetic game that always starts with a burst football ) 

Benji would benefit from some more training and socialisation, he still needs to learn to be more respectful to older dogs who don’t want to play with him. He can live with other dogs, but he is full of puppyhood enthusiasm for life and this is not something that all dogs are happy to put up with especially if they like a more peaceful life. 

Benji is house trained, he needs an owner who is around for much of the day or uses doggy day care, an active family with active older children, or adults who like to have fun would be Benji’s idea of heaven. Saluki’s when they find their perfect home bond very deeply with their owners and are incredibly loyal, Benji is so deserving of finding this love. 

Benji in true Saluki style is blinkered in his quest for fun and will need to be let off lead only in a secure place, Saluki’s are notorious in their recall being in Saluki time only, and for Benji being young and giddy this must be in a secure, safe environment. He will need somewhere he can be let off lead in a secure place so he can have a run, this can be with other dogs, but be prepared to become the owner that is always apologising for your dog “ that only wants to play “ not every dog owner appreciates or understands the great game of “ bitey face tag” 

Benji would bring so much joy to a family home, he’s a gorgeous dog that has sadly been misunderstood, if you can offer him a home please contact us.