I'm Argo,

and I'm looking forward to my new forever home.

Argo is reserved
3 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Argo is a stunning white and blue Greyhound boy who has just retired from Greyhound racing, he had his third birthday in June.

Argo was born in Ireland with a short last toe on his back foot which never developed properly, it remained tiny while the rest of him grew big. This has caused no disability to Argo at all and didn’t hamper his racing career.

Argo is a confident, affectionate boy and has a bubbly, happy personality.

Argo is not cat safe, he can live as an only dog or alongside a female Greyhound.

Argo loves children but is more suited for a home with older children as he can get a bit carried away and be a bit too boisterous when playing.  

Argo loves toys and is delighted with Hector’s supply at the kennels and happily spends time collecting and playing with tennis balls. If he could have his very own toy box with a selection of toys and a never-ending supply of tennis balls he would be a very happy boy. 

Argo understandably, because he is so handsome also likes to be pampered! Argo actually enjoys having a bath and being groomed. 

If you can offer this stunning boy a forever home please contact us