I'm Alfred, and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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3 years
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Alfred is a gorgeous Greyhound, recently retired from racing. He was born in May 2015 so is still very young. Alfred is a smaller boy with a huge personality, he is slowly learning about the word outside of a racing kennel. He is very alert to his surroundings and needs time to ‘unlearn’ his racing training and work out how to switch off and enjoy his newfound early retirement, however he has already made huge progress with this. 

Alfred is an eager boy who absolutely loves to be out of his kennel enjoying some exercise and freedom, he would probably benefit from the company of a calm companion in his new home to help him learn about life in a family home. Having said this he is perfectly behaved in kennels, loves the company of his kennel pals both human and canine.

Alfred is strong initially on his lead, despite being a smaller lad, he is also strong when he catches sight of anything moving so he will need an experienced owner who will be able to recognise the prey drive in him; he is not small furry safe.

Alfred loves nothing more than a lovely afternoon out being walked and groomed and he will happily have his shower and stand outside being rubbed down and brushed. He is learning very quickly that he enjoys fuss and cuddles.

Alfred is a wonderful boy who is happy to learn and has the huge benefit of being young enough to learn quickly. When he finds his forever family, they will need to show him the way and have a little patience, but he will certainly develop into a lovely character and a fabulous pet and will be a welcome addition to whichever lucky family adopt him.

If you can offer Alfred a home please contact us