I'm Acorn, a rescue greyhound and I want to be adopted.

10 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe
Acorn has just arrived at Hector’s and is living in a fabulous Hector’s foster home alongside a resident female Greyhound. Acorn is ten years old and has lived in racing Kennels her entire life before coming to Hector’s. 
You would think that Hector’s could no longer be amazed by how wonderful Greyhounds can be, but Acorn has both humbled and amazed us by her gentleness, kindness and intelligence.
Acorn has to our knowledge never been inside a home before, yet she behaved like she knew exactly what was required of her as soon as she stepped inside her foster home. Acorn has been clean in the house and stands by the door waiting to be let out, she appears to be totally unfazed by the unfamiliar household appliances and has been completely respectful to the resident female Greyhound. To see Acorns delight with her comfortable, warm bed and to see her enjoyment at ten years old playing with dog toys is truly wonderful. 

Acorn appears to have a dental deformity which has probably contributed to her having severe tooth decay, she is about to have a consultation regarding her surgery to correct this. We do not anticipate Acorn will have many teeth left following this, but it certainly won’t detract from Acorns beauty because nobody ever looks further than her incredibly beautiful eyes ! One look into Acorn’s eyes is all it takes to appreciate how special this lady truly is, she is loving, kind and patient, clearly very intuitive and very trusting. It’s hard to find the words to describe Acorn, perhaps words don’t exist to describe the exceptional specialness that oozes from within this beautiful girl. 

Acorn is good with all breeds of dogs and can live as an only dog or with other dogs. Although she is ten, she loves to play with toys and is absolutely delighted with the garden in her foster home and has managed some respectable zoomies on the lawn for an older lady. 

Acorn may not have lots of years left, but the few she does have left will be a privilege to share with her. This wonderful lady deserves a fabulous home to enjoy and finally know what it’s like to be loved back, for Acorn clearly has given her love unconditionally throughout her life. 

If you can offer Acorn a home please contact us