We are a dedicated group of volunteers who devote their time to saving the lives of ex-racing Greyhounds. All of our greyhounds are profiled by the carers who look after them when they come into rescue, and this means that we can work with you to find the right dog for you. 

We rescue Greyhounds for a variety of reasons:

  • Many find themselves at risk of being “put to sleep” after their racing career.
  • We receive others directly from their trainers.
  • Some are brought to us after being abandoned as strays.
  • While others come from owners who can no longer keep them.

Please take a minute to meet our available Greyhounds; we know they're looking forward to meeting you. If you don't see the right rescue dog for you, please contact us as we often have other dogs waiting to come into rescue.​

119 greyhounds rehomed
in 2022