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​Rehoming greyhounds in Shropshire, Cheshire and North Wales.   

Charity Registration number 1168327

Hector's Greyhound Rescue

Ruby is an incredible pretty blue brindle ex racing Greyhound, she is five years old and living in a Hector’s foster home alongside another resident female Greyhound. 

Ruby is a very nervous dog, she is frightened by loud noises or sudden movements and she has a strong preference to trust ladies, she is very anxious around men until she accepts that she is safe with them. However when Ruby trusts the people around her and she is in “safe surroundings “ she is a very affectionate, funny little girl with loads of personality and likes to play and interact with people. 

Ruby is looking for a calm, steady home without children and the hustle & bustle of a busy life which makes her anxious. Ruby would relax and enjoy a home with a steady, regular routine with no surprises. She needs gentle direction in her life so that she knows exactly what is expected from her and would gain comfort from an experienced dog owner. 

Ruby is not cat or small dog safe, she walks well on a lead but is always on the look out for potential danger and needs reassurance. She would be happy as an only dog or she would be equally happy living with another large non dominant dog as a dominant dog would increase her anxiety. Despite her nervous nature Ruby has a self assured little madam deep inside waiting to surface ! She is used to being left alone for long periods and is reliably house trained. 
This gorgeous little girl desperately needs a calm, loving home and will reward you ten fold when she feels secure with love and devotion. 

If you can offer Ruby a home please  
contact us.