RRosie is a very pretty black and white girl who is five years old and has recently retired from Greyhound racing. She is a gentle calm petite little girl who would love a family of her own. Because Rosie is so gentle we were optimistic that she would be cat safe but unfortunately she isn’t, however her calm nature should ensure she will make a steady, loving family pet.

Rosie is good with children and could live with another greyhound however she may not be ‘small furry’ friendly and, given that she is unsure around some bigger dogs (of other breeds) too at the moment, will need a careful introduction to the big, wide world.  The right love, training and socialisation, will reward you with a very special forever hound!

Whilst Rosie can be excitable and lively when she first meets you, she soon calms down.  She is slightly nervous and wary of strangers but that is to be expected and once you win this gorgeous girl’s trust, you will win her heart forever!  Rosie is an absolute delight to be around and is so thrilled with any cuddles she receives her little face lights up, she will be so loyal and grateful to whomever chooses to adopt her.

Giving this gorgeous girl a forever home is a decision nobody would ever regret. Please  
contact us.

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