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Hector's Greyhound Rescue

Merry was rescued at Christmas, hence her name. Whilst perhaps not very imaginative, we have been unable to come up with a more suitable name because she is such a Merry little girl! Merry is probably about 12months old and a Lurcher mix (possibly Saluki Greyhound cross with a bit of Deerhound thrown in to to produce this gorgeous girl).  Merry may have been introduced to hunting and abandoned or lost due to not taking her job seriously enough!

As a young lurcher, Merry has endless energy and a real zest for life - she just wants to have fun and lots of it! She has been clean in her foster home and adores people, fuss and attention and just loves to play. She needs an active home and, due to her young age, needs someone who is around for much of the day. Merry hasn’t been cat tested, but due to her fun loving exuberance, would be best in a cat free home.  

Merry is absolutely adorable, but is a young lurcher with limitless energy which will need to be channelled in the right direction so that she matures into a well adjusted sociable adult dog. Her development and training will require commitment, hard work, patience and consistency from the whole family and everyone in the household will need to be dedicated to helping her achieve this.

Merry is an amazing girl who does not deserve to be let down again and so is looking for a forever home that really is FOREVER.  If you have not had experience of this breed before, we strongly urge you to research Salukis/Lurchers to familiarise yourself with their energy levels and fun-loving traits, before you consider adopting her.  If you think Merry will make a beautiful, amazing, fun-loving addition to your family, please
  contact us.